MonkeyBuilder uses “tokens” for production build/deployment.

A build “token” is only required when you want to ship your app to the public-facing app store.

During internal/beta testing (such as Apple’s TestFlight) , MonkeyBuilder will build/deploy your app for free but will place a small MonkeyBuilder “watermark” on your app icon.

25 Tokens
25 x Monkey Builder Tokens
15 cents per production build
50 Tokens
50 x Monkey Builder Tokens
12.5 cents per production build
100 Tokens
100 x Monkey Builder Tokens
10 cents per production build

Note: Tokens are only required for “Production” build/deployments. MonkeyBuilder will allow you to run “Test” build/deployments for free.

Test build/deployments are identical to the “production” version except that they add a small MonkeyBuilder image to your app icons.