Command Line Support Added

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We’ve now added command line support to Monkey Builder so you can build, deploy and upload your mobile projects from third party applications.

The format of the command line is shown below…

monkeybuilder.exe [action] [platform] [project]

[action] can be one of the following 3 options

-b = build only
-bd = build & deploy
-bdu = build, deploy & upload

[platform] can be one of the following 2 options

-and = Android platform
-ios = iOS platform

[project] is the filename name of your project. (e.g Project1.dproj)


The following command line call will build, deploy and upload Project1 for iOS…

C:\Users\Graham\AppData\Roaming\MonkeyBuilder\MonkeyBuilder.exe -bdu -ios Project1.dproj